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Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces bring together resources, information and learners around specific subjects and areas of interest.

Please note that this course will not keep track of your progress or record any completion.

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A Learning Space created for the Camp Staff and Volunteers. Access is only provided to Camp Staff and Volunteers, for more information contact: Alex Hughes

Program Coordinator
Carer Support Team, Fostering and Adoption Services

Department for Child Protection and Family Support
McCall Centre, 2 Curtin Avenue Cottesloe (08) 9286-5200 
Send camp and day program respite referals to : KidZoneRespiteProgram@dcp.wa.gov.au

Resources for Department Staff on Family Finding

These resources are for use by country Community Service Organisations and CPFS districts to provide face to face preparation training at a local level. Any updates to resources will be made directly to this space, so please make sure that you always access training materials directly.

Resources include: Powerpoint Slide (with embedded video), Session Plans (with activities), Learner Resources, and supporting Video's.

Agencies and districts who conduct local training can tailor the training to local needs, but need to cover the content provided in these resources.

Access to the resources will be on an as needed basis.

Requests for trainers to have access to these resources should be directed to:  Steven Jones (@cpfs.wa.gov.au)

A Learning Space for Staff undertaking the role of Supervisor to social work students completing their field education (Placement.)

Access to this Learning Space is reserved for Student Supervisors please contact the Learning and Development Centre or the Placement Coordinator directly, to arrange "enrolment" in this Learning Space.