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Aboriginal Cultural Appreciation

This course covers Aboriginal Origins, Colonisation, Policy Impact on Social Development and Myths/Considerations.

Carer Development: Caring for Aboriginal Children

Build your confidence and knowledge of looking after Aboriginal children by exploring history, family systems, parenting styles, communication, cultural difference and education.

Carer Development: Self Care

Self-care is extremely important for carers, who are 'working' and caring around the clock in their own home.

Carer Development: What Makes a Good Foster Carer?

Presented by the CREATE foundation, this workshop is a fantastic opportunity to hear from young people who have been in care about their experiences and thoughts on what makes a successful carer.

Foster Carer Preparation Training

Provides applicant Foster Carers and newly approved carers with the learning necessary to prepare for fostering children and young people within the care of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support.

FuSioN for Partner Agencies (Remote Training)

Provides Family Support Network (FSN) staff with the skills required to navigate, search and record client information, services and outcomes in FuSioN; the main client information system for the FSN.

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