ELEARNING - Disability Services


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eLearning Module



Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (AEDM) [007145]

This course has been developed to help you find answers to important questions about accountability and standards of behaviour expected in your daily work. It uses legislation and resources from the Public Sector Commission, Department of Premier and Cabinet, and Department of Treasury.

Dept Staff


Freedom of Information for Communities Staff [001974]

Freedom of Information for Communities Staff is an interactive course that raises awareness of FOI and provides essential knowledge of departmental policies and guidelines.

Dept DS Division Staff


Food Safety (Disability Services) [000680]

This course is designed to take you through safe food handling practices.

Dept DS Division’s Services Branch


Induction (Disability Services) [000689]

Provides information on your employment, financial management and accountability, and general workplace behaviour.

Dept DS Division Staff


Medication Refresher (Disability Services) [000684]

Provides all services branch staff to comply fully with all aspects of the Medication Policy and the Medication Management System Manual.

Dept DS Division’s Services Branch

  Personal Safety and Situational Awareness (Disability Services) [000732] Designed for services branch staff working in settings where there is an ongoing relationship with people who may present challenging behaviours. Dept DS Division’s Services Branch


OSH Compliance (Disability Services) [000688]

This training is mandatory as per the Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector and government reporting requirements.

Dept DS Division Staff


Disability Support Worker Induction (Disability Services) [007285]

This course outlines the mandatory learning requirements for all new staff in Disability Supported Community Living support roles.

Disability Support Workers


Record Awareness Training (Disability Services) [000690]

Provides Disability Services Division staff with an awareness of their obligations under the State Records Act (2000) and an insight into effective recordkeeping practices.

Dept DS Division Staff


Mealtime Management Refresher Training (Disability Services) [000878]

Mealtime Management training is designed to identify and eliminate the risk associated with swallowing problems. Dept DS Division’s Services Branch

Manual Tasks (Disability Services) [000879]

The Manual Tasks Program addresses specific needs based on tasks undertaken by staff and history of reported incidents. Dept DS Division’s Services Branch


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