LD Online Accounts

LD Online Accounts

Accounts are provided to three types or "Cohorts": 

DEPT (Department Of Communities Staff)

CARER (Foster and Family Carers)

The Department encourages all Foster and Family Carers to expand on their skills and knowledge by undertaking any of our online training courses, you are welcome to request an account.

SECTOR (Partner-Agency, or Sector, Employees)

The Department strives to improve the knowledge and understanding of Child Protection issues across the entire sector by offering access to our online courses to employees of organisations in the Australian Child Protection sector, any Australian government department, a NGO or educational institution. If you work in the Child Protection Sector you are welcome to request an account

Getting Started


  • You are automatically enrolled in all mandatory online courses based on your role and position with the Department, these will appear in your My Courses list
  • In addition you may have recommended courses and resources that reflect your Learning Pathway which is also based on your role and position, refer to Learning Pathways for more info


The Department's Foster Carer Learning Team maintains a comprehensive selection of online, self-directed and face to face training opportunities, check out the Foster Carer Learning Pathway.


Your organisation's learning coordinator should suggest relevant courses, also refer to Learning Pathways for more info


Refer to the Contacts Page for details

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